Advantage Course Descriptions

2018 Advantage Primary Courses (grades K-3) Advantage Choice Camp courses scroll down

All Sports
Choose to play organized outdoor games including kickball, soccer, team races and many other fun activities.

Cake Boss Jr   
Campers will decorate a variety of delicious desserts and develop thier skills in the pastry arts.  From frosting flowers to creative characters let your imagination run wild as you create an edible masterpiece!

Paint various sculptures and hard pottery pieces.  Paint figures, vases...whatever your heart desires.  Young artists can fan the flames of their creativity in teh fire of a kiln.  Even get some time with our very own pottery wheels!

Learn to be an adventurous chef while practicing how to cook meals safely. Follow recipes to prepare a variety of dishes. Begin with kitchen basics and move on to more creative dishes while exploring the art of healthy cooking.

Make classic camp crafts like tie dye, beads, paper art, paintings and more! If you love to create cool crafts, this is the course for you!

Game Room  
Play wii on our 2 flat screen tv's, arcade basketball, skee-ball. and watch movies.   Enjoy friendly games on our ping pong and pool tables.  Join the fun and play in the play room!

Jr. Archaeology   
Archeology is tons of dirt digging, story telling, mystery solving fun.  Come face to face with the past as you reconstruct fossils and explore the ancient world of dinosaurs.  Dig, brush and assemble your collection of fantastic finds.

Jr. Circuits 
For the young inventor who wants results!  Create exciting projects from snap - circuits kits.  Exciting projects include burglar alarm, doorball and more!  An exciting, hands-on instroduction to electronics.

Jr. Coding and Animation   
Take your own computer experience to the next level and build your own characters and animated story.  Campers will learn basic coding through exploring symbols and patterns.  Don't just play computer games; create your own digital world.

Challenge yourself to build the best Lego structure you can dream up. Weekly contests and prizes are awarded for the most wacky and creative designs. Build a car, spaceship, or landscape....whatever you can imagine!

Maker Space Builders  New!
Build cars, houses, planes, and many other fun things out of wood and other materials.  Bring your imagination to life.  Gert ready to create, invent, and learn!

Martial Arts  New!
A fun fitness activity that build focus and concentration through this anceint art of self defense.  For anyone who wants to start or continue with Martial Arts.

Learn how to play the guitar. Basic chords and songs are taught by our very own music teacher. Receive a guitar to take home and perform what you have learned!

Nature's Classroom  New!
Take a walk on the wild side!  This activity introduces young imaginations to the wonders of hte outside world.  Campers investigate nature through art, science, guided walks and structured play.

Jr Robotics   
Are you ready to build your first robot?  This course gives campers the opportunity to build fantastic robots of their own. Age appropriate kits will give campers a hands-on experience with our top-notch teachers guiding the way.

Polymer Clay Jr  
Fabricate miniature crafts including pens, candle holders, jewelry and imaginative sculptures with air dry sculpting clay called FIMO or Sculpey.

Explore the world through fun games such as Dinosaur Discovery, Sea-life Observation and Wacky Physics.   Build your own volcano and watch it erupt!  Do hands on experiments and build amazing structures in your very own science lab every day!

Swimming & Swim Instruction
This is a double period course from 9:15 to 11:10 am. Lessons are taught daily by our Water Safety Instructor. Fun free swim time is also part of this activity.  Campers are grouped according to ability and tested weekly by our Instructors.

Splashy/Water Fun
Enjoy our 50 foot long inflatable dinosaur water slide! If you like to get wet and have fun, but don’t want to go swimming, then this big friendly monster is waiting for you!

You can be the next Roger Federer or Venus Williams!  In this course campers will receive instruction in serves, volleys, backhands and forehands.  Games and tornaments are organized accoirding to age and ability.

Singing and dancing, improvisation and storytelling.....all in a days work in this course! Learn how to do all of those things while having fun. Bring out the Broadway performer in you!

2018 Advantage Choice Camp Courses (grades 4-9)

All Sports
Who cares what the weather is as long as you have a ball in your hand and you're running, leaping, or soaring across a green field?!  If you love to be outside and want to play a different sport every day, then you are the perfect camper for this course.  Soccer, Sonic Baseball, Capture the Flag, Kickball, and more.  Each day is different!

Archaeology  New!
Archeology is tons of dirt digging, story telling, mystery solving fun.  Come face to face with the past as you reconstruct fossils and explore the ancient world of dinosaurs.  

Learn the correct techniques for safely practicing archery. Have contests involving targets and win prizes for marksmanship. Safety and fun is the focus, and your family will be amazed with your new skills as an archer!

Art Design
In this course you use many different mediums to express your artistic abilities.  Watercolors, oil based Tempera paintings, chalk and charcoal, and more are all at hand for creating your very own masterpiece!

If you dream about becoming the next Derek Jeter, you have to learn the basics.  Practice fielding, hitting, running bases and strategies of the game.  Drills, games, and lots of fun!
Do you want to be like Lebron?  Sign up for this course and you'll be on your way! Drills teach the basics of foul shooting, dribbling, passing, and having lots of fun! Finish off the period with a game!

Cake Boss
Learnt to decorate cakes like the pros and show them who's boss.  campes will bake and decorate a variety of delicious desserts and develop their skills in the pastry arts. From frosting to flowers let your imagination run wild as you create your edible masterpiece.

Chopper Command  
Pilot your own Quadcopter! Take aerial photos and videos of your sky high exploits and download them to creat a one of a kind cinematic experience. Campers keep their Quadcopter at the end of camp.

Crafts A to Z
It’s crafts galore and more! Explore classic camp crafts such as lanyards, beads and clay, découpage, paper maché and even tie-dye. From Apple prints to Zebra stripes. Campers take home new creations at the end of every week.

Coding and Animation  New!
Create your own interactive stories and animations on our laptop computers.  Gain and understanding of the world of coding as you create your own digital masterpieces using programs like Scratch animation and others.

3D Creator  
3D printing is the process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file.  Campers will learn to make their own 3D models out of plastic.  You can bring to life almost anything you can imagine!

Digital Photography
Develop your skills by snapping pictures around the campus, producing portfolios from your photos. Get instruction in photographic techniques and editing your work with different programs like Photoshop or Microsoft Paint.   

Engraving and Etching  

Design projects on a computer, then carve and etch your designs out of wood, plastic, acrylic and many other materials.  Transfer your designs by using our wood burning and etching tools, along with our new CNC machine for cutting, drilling, and carving.

Flag Football   
Coaches teach football through creative games and cempetitions that help instill the love of sports movement in budding athletes. All the fun of the game of football without all of hte equipment!

Gadgets and Gears

Challenge your engineering skills by creating and building rollercoasters, catapults, and other fun projects.  Test your project's strength using hands on experiments and engineering know how!

Game Room

Are you interested in Wii and Ping Pong tournaments, Foosball, Pool and other games? Then this is the course for you! Join in the fun and play in the Game Room.

Grand Prix 
Get ready to start your engines, junior racers! Design and build your own remote control race car, and work together to complete the track on which to race it. Take home your car at the end of the session!
International Cooking
Do you like to try different types of food? Does your palate crave French, Indian, Chinese or Japanese cuisine? This is the course for curious chefs and adventurous foodies! Learn to prepare and cook foods from these cuisines and others around the world.  

Jewelry Design
Create bracelets, necklaces, and earrings using beads and found materials. Make one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces to dazzle your friends and family. This is a course for creative designers who love to work with their hands, use their imaginations, and share their art. 

Lego Design & Games

Design and build amazing structures out of Legos! Create your own buildings, never-before-seen creatures,and impressive moveable objects. Other days, challenge your mind with strategic board games such as Risk, Chess and Connect Four. Let your mind run wild! 

Lights, Camera, Action!

Ever want to produce your own media - a movie, tv show or commercial? As a group you will write, act, direct, and produce a film project of your own resulting in a DVD to take home and enjoy throughout the year.  

Create illusions of the seemingly impossible!  Wow your friends and family with your newfound magic skills. Campers keep their magic kits so they can play tricks on unsuspecting audiences all year long!

Martial Arts  
A fun fitness activity that build focus and concentration in this ancient art of self defense.  Capers will be taught proper footwork and stances as well as basic block and strike moves.  A wonderful course for anyone who wants to start or contimue their journey toward their black belt.

Music and Music Production  
Oversee the production of your very own music!  Use specialized computer software and instruments to create original songs.  Play different instruments and compose your own arrangements.

Project Runway
Do you have a fabulous sense of style? Are you interested in fashion and design? Just as on the show, each week you are given a fashion challenge to complete based around a theme or idea. Design handbags, t-shirts and more using new materials, found items, and recycled clothing. Campers from other courses help judge the most creative creations, but don’t worry there are no any eliminations!  

Polymer Clay

Polymer clay is the generic name for a relatively new form of plastic-based clays known popularly as “Sculpey” or “FIMO”. The detailed effects that can be achieved with this medium are truly amazing. In this class campers fabricate miniature crafts, including pens, candle holders, jewelry and imaginative sculptures, vases and picture frames. Working with polymer is so much fun!  

Pottery and Sculpture 
Use a pottery wheel or hand form to sculpt bowls, plates,'s up to you!  Get your hands dirty and learn the basics of sculpture and pottery.  Bring home your creations and amaze your friends with your new sculptures.

In today’s world it is becoming more common for robots or machinery to complete tasks formerly done by humans. However there must always be a person behind the machine! This course gives campers the opportunity to build fantastic robots of their own robots, including the Lego Mindstorms.   

Maybe you think that life on earth is just a bit too normal and boring? Maybe the idea of exploring space seems amazing but impossible? Not to worry, rockets are real and have been taking man into space for decades.Construct, spray paint and launch your very own rockets into the atmosphere. Blast Off!!!

Shark Tank  New!
Are you a budding entreprenuer?  Bring your ideas and visions to life and see ifyou what it takes to create the enxt big thing!  Design and create products and test them out with other campers.

Are you passionate about the game of soccer? Want to learn the strategies of the world’s most popular sport? Join in the fun and hone your soccer skills. Drills, skills and games make for a fun-filled session. 

The Sweet Shoppe   
Become the next Willy Wonka and impress your family and friends with satisfying sweet treats.  From traditional favorites like fudge and lollipops to whimsical creations like candy caterpillars...create your own delicious DIY treats!

Swimming & Swim Instruction
Our resident Water Safety Instructor will teach you how to become the champion swimmer you know you can be. Those who pass the deep end test can join in free swim fun! Transportation is provided to the Maplewood pool 2 minutes away in Hartsdale.

You can be the next Roger Federer or Venus Williams! However, you have to start somewhere. In this course, campers will receive instruction in serve, volley, backhand and forehand. Games and tournaments are organized according to age and ability.

Theater  New!
Singing, improvisation, and storytelling...all in a days work in this course!  Bring out the Broadway performer in you.

Video Game Design  New!
Game design is much like directing a film; the designer is the visionary of the game and controls the artistic and technical elements of their vision!  Use scratch and other programs to bring your vision to life.

Wacky Science
Join the fun, conducting exciting experiments and demonstrations through the use of scientific methods. Experiment with the invisible forces of magnetism, static electricity, and gravity. Grow crystals, construct the Tower of Doom, explore the dynamics of flight, and learn about flotation and buoyancy. As a final group project, have a blast erupting volcanoes!

Web Design
Design and create your very own website.  Step by step instructions will be given to help you combine your artistic and computer skills into the most personalized and exciting web page ever!

Wood Shop
Learn the basics of designing and working with wood products.  Create fun projects while learning how to safely use woodworking tools and kits.  Who knows what you can create!  Keep your creations and bring home your masterpiece!

Yoga and Dance  
Strengthen, stretch and move to the beat! Our instructor will teach you all you need to know to have fun and learn the basics of modern dance, while gaining flexibility and focus through yoga.

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Courses that do not have enough campers signed up will not run for that session. This decision is made at the discretion of the camp directors. An alternate course will be chosen to fill the spot. Parents will be notified if a course has been cancelled due to lack of enrollment or if a course has been filled because the enrollment has reached its maximum level. No fee refund for a changed course except if the course is closed due to lack of enrollment.